Which airport is near Tulum Mexico?

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Tulum, Mexico and wondering which Airport is near to Tulum Mexico so that you can easily visit there without tiring too much or hassles?

If we have guessed it right, this crisp and to-the-point blog will surely prove beneficial for you as in this blog we will be sharing with you which airport you should choose to visit Tulum.


So, let's begin without spending any further moment.

Nearest Airport to Tulum City.

The nearest and most prominent international airport to Tulum city is Cancun (cun) which aids the whole state from Cancun through Playa del Carmen however its been in planning for a long time but still there is no specific date chosen.


There is also another airport in Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo but it mainly deals with smaller domestic flights as well as twice the distance from Tulum and if are thinking about Airport situated in Cozumel, then we like to tell you it will be a very hectic journey if you choose to visit Tulum through the Airport in Cozumel as you have to take a ferry from this island to Playa del Carmen and after that drive south to Tulum which is a 45-minute ride.

So all the tourists have to take flights to Tulum, Mexico from Cancun international airport which is the best and most reliable option if you want to visit Tulum stress-free.


If we talk specifically about the distance from Tulum to Cancun, it is roughly around 131 km or 81 miles on the south which you cover easily through private transfers, shared shuttles, taxis, buses, and rental cars.


Lastly, we hope that the information we have provided above will help in reaching your destination on time and safe, so that you can enjoy the views and beauty of Tulum with your friends and family.

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